Eurokosher Certification Authority has several years experience in the Kosher field. Eurokosher is leaded by Rabbi Hazan who is known for his halachic knowlege on Kashrut field.

Kashrut as quality standard

Over the years the subject of Kosher has become known around the world and quite a few segments and sectors recognize kosher products as being healthier and of higher quality. During thousands of years, Jews observed the dietary laws pursuant to Judaism that goes hand in hand with hygiene, healthy nutrition and food quality. Today factories that followthe practice of kosher production can be found in markets all over the world, using kosher ingredients as part of their manufacturing processes, for reasons of increasing the market volume and a desire to reach broad sectors of Jews and non-Jews. Badatz Mehadrin Milan assists food and food ingredients plants and various brands in Europe to comply with the meticulous standards of kosher as accepted by most of the world’s Kosher organizations, through“Hashgacha”,or supervision, during the year by a team of expert Kosher supervisors, the mashgichim, who help the company to receive the kosher certification.


In order to help you obtain your Kosher Certification, our  expert Rabbis can advise you in the following areas:


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