When we look at the food the Jewish community consumed 150 years ago we realize that the matter was not as complex as today. The people prepared by themselves much of what they ate and when they bought basic products they would know exactly who the manufacturer was, how he produced and if the product was kosher. In the past Kosher procedures consisted mainly ofritual slaughter and thesupervision of a few other products. With the development of modern foodtechnology food products have become more complex as well and production processes comprise far more raw materials than before. Both production processes and raw materials demanded a professional and thorough involvement of Kosher organizations in order to monitor and ensure that the produced food is indeed Kosher.

For example, in the bread we buy in the supermarket there are dozens of ingredients beyond the flour, yeast, salt, sugar and water. It can also contain baking enhancers, vitamins, enzymes, emulsifiers, nutritional fibers, colors, flavors, fragrances etc. The final consumer is unable to examine the Kosher status of each of these components and therefore mustrely on Kosher organizations.

We thoroughly examine the raw materials and based on professional knowledge and years of experience we evaluatewhich raw materials are Kosher. We also grant Kosher to finished food products that meet the requirements of Kosher.

As a leading Kosher organization Eurokosher, Badatz Mehadrin Milan, builds a relationship with its customers, supervises and ensures that the raw materials manufactured in the factory or those that are used for production are strictly Kosher.