The processes of issuing a hechsher or kosher approval to finished products are sometimes more complicated than giving kashrut to raw materials. During these processes kashrut requirements intervene in the production process and sometimes and often require the opening of a substitute product line. The way to a kosher approval may differ for each product, for example when providing a hechsher fora pizza, we inspect the ingredients, perform a thorough cleaning of the factory production lines, make the ovens kosher and perform a hashgacha – supervision- during production. Of course, after we made all necessary measures at the plant that makes the cheese for the kosher pizza. Products that pass hechsher are labeled with a EU-K Badatz Mehadrin Milan logo.

Until now we have issued kosher certificates for thousands of products in hundreds of factories. Products such as wine, pasta, pizza, pasta meals, sweets, fats, fruits, jams, chocolates, confectioners, vinegar, etc.