Request for certification:

work_process_icon1Our customers’ initial motivation to address us for Kosher certification is the fact that their customers ask for Kosher products. Out of this need plants that manufacture Kosher raw materials or finished food products turn to us requesting to authorize their production process and their products. For example, a plant manufacturing sugar or ingredients for pastry, like yeast, addresses us in order to begin the process of obatining Kosher certification. In other cases plants that manufacture finished products like cakes, pizza and more call us to have their products Kosher certified.

Noncommittal introduction meeting:

work_process_icon2The first meeting in the factory is an introduction meeting without obligations. During the meeting you will present your need and we will review whether the qualification process is possible and feasible. You will explain about your production processes, we will have a tour of your plant and we will get to know your special expertise. Sometimes the Kosher process is simple and easy and sometimes modifications and special preparations are required. In some cases it is impossible to start the Kosher process. All this information becomes already clearer during our first meeting.

Compatibility inspection of production processes:

work_process_icon3During the first meeting we will perform an in-depth survey of the production process. We will examine what other products are manufactured in the plant apart from the product that requires certification, we will examine the physical facilities, production lines and raw materials. At this point, if necessary, we usually can suggest alternatives or modifications to the production process, in close dialogue with you about what can be done and what not. At this stage we will issue a guidelines report with our contract proposal for the Kosher Certificate.

Support and consulting services for production line modifications in compliance with Kosher requirements: 

work_process_icon4After we initiated the plant’s Kosher process, we will monitor the implementations of our guidelines. Sometimes there is a need for frequent supervision when the production line we prepared has moved to manufacturing non-Kosher products and returns to making Kosher products as part of the factory’s routine. If the production line makes one single product and the production process received hechsher, the supervision will be less frequent. Obtaining Kosher depends on the complexity of the production process and the changes applied by the factory on a regular basis.

Receiving the Kosher Certificate:

work_process_icon5After implementing all our recommendations and making the necessary changes for the Kosher approval of the plant or the product, the company will receive our Kosher Certificate. At this point we decide on the number of times we require to visit the plant throughout the year. Factories that cannot be approved as a whole will receive a certificate solely for the product/s that passed our approval.

 Ongoing assistance as necessary:

work_process_icon6Our activities include routine visiting of the factories by prior appointment or unannounced. It is always important for us to work in cooperation with our clients, although we are a supervising and inspecting organization.